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3D Printing Service

We currently offer FDM 3D print services in Los Alamos, NM.  Rush service available.


Single extruder FDM 3D prints using PLA, ABS or PETG  

Basic rate: $10 setup fee plus $0.60 / gram for PLA prints under 200 mm in all dimensions, $0.75 for PLA prints with a dimension greater than 200mm but less than 350 mm.  Add $0.05 / gram for ABS or PETG.  In your request for quote, please indicate what percent fill and wall thickness you desire.

Dual extruder prints

Dual extruder prints are useful when support materials are difficult to remove, or a multi-color print is desired.  We can print your part using a different material for the supports, making removal very easy.  Dual extruder prints are limited to a build volume of 225 mm X 150 mm X 150 mm.  $20 setup fee plus $0.60 per gram.  

Service speed

Prints are normally guaranteed to be complete within 2 weeks of payment (shipping time may be extra).  We also offer rush service (print will be started within 3 days) and emergency service (we will start your print within 8 hours of payment).  Print time varies with the size and complexity of the part. When available, rush orders have a 50% premium, and emergency orders have a 100% premium over standard service.

Post Processing

FDM prints often require post processing to remove support materials - we will include post-processing cost in the quote if desired - please note if you want post-processing services during the RFQ process.  Some parts are very difficult to post-process when they are fragile or the supports are inaccessible - in this case we may require a dual extruder print or refuse to post-process.

Shipping options

We offer free local pickup in Los Alamos, NM (pickup by appointment), and shipping through UPS or Fedex.  Generally, we charge a packaging fee and use the shipping speed you prefer.  Cost will be included in the quote.

Request for Quote

Click here to submit your request for 3D printing quote.  Please include the following information: print material (PLA, ABS or PETG plastic), wall thickness / fill percentage, post processing preference, single or dual extruder preference, whether you prefer local pickup or shipping, and whether you need rush or emergency print service.  Be sure to attach the model file you want us to print!  We can print .stl or .obj files.  

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