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Welcome to Biodidact,

The Community Lab

We can help you with the space, the equipment and the know-how you need.

An independent, scientist-run shared lab space 
for independent scientists, Bio startups, government or academic scientists
working on a proof of concept or larger projects.

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Modular pricing available to fit any budget and need.
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Lab space 

Share lab space and equipment

Test Tubes
Technical help

Get access to technical expertise and consulting services

From -80C freezer to protein sequencers, you can use the equipment you need without the initial investment. We offer 2 shared BSL1 areas and 1 BSL2 lab.
Tap into our network of technicians and consultants to help you with your project.

Our bioincubator is not a real-estate investment, it is an investment in science and innovation.

We are unique in the fact that we are scientists and we have gone through the technology startup process ourselves. We know that not all startups can afford a traditional incubator, especially early-stage pre-funding startups.

Our incubator is about pulling together resources of all kinds, not just equipment but also technical resources, and make them available to you to help you complete your project in a financially sustainable fashion.

We also know that human resources are a major hurdle for startups, especially in New Mexico, and especially when surrounded with high-paying large employers. 

Because local workforce development in technology is key to diversifying New Mexico's economy, we also have an education and training component that will produce quality technicians, available for you to hire for a specific project or long-term.

Need space? Please fill out this short form, and we will reach out soon.

If you only need technical training, fill out the form on the link below:

If you would just like to be involved in some capacity, let us know here!

Plan out your experiments and only rent the lab space when you need it:
  • Daily shared lab space fee: $100
  • Weekly shared lab space fee: $300
  • Monthly shared lab space fee: $900
Modular Pricing
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