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Computer recycling
Drafting & Prototyping
Technical training

"Protecting human health

and the environment"

Electronic waste is becoming a serious environmental issue. Get more info on our blog.

We do not recycle all electronics.

We focus on computers

...that's our niche...that's what we do best!

With extensive record keeping, we verify and certify the removal and/or destruction of permanent storage media.

We refurbish and prepare for affordable resale when appropriate, to serve our community.

“The federal government as a whole is the nation’s largest consumer of electronics, [...] it will now be a more responsible user of electronics,” said Administrator Martha Johnson. “We are ensuring that electronics from federal agencies will be reused [...]. These steps are protecting human health and the environment, while supporting jobs in the growing e-waste industry.”   


U.S. General Services Administrator Martha Johnson 


  • CAD services for 3D designs:


Mechanical and architectural design

  • Printed Circuit Board layout

  • Custom furniture design

  • 3D printing

  • Wood working

Let us help you with your design!

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Our business model is built around proven expertise, sustainability, leveraging untapped resources (material and human resources) and community education.


Our activities range from 3D design and computer engineering to research and development in biotechnology .

Some of our work in biotechnology includes investigating food fraud and tracking antibiotic resistance genes.

These efforts are also great vocational training opportunities and perfect citizen science endeavors. 

Part of our mission is to help educate and train our local workforce.

So when you contract with us, you also help our community.

Our business model is unique because we specifically train and utilize local untapped talents for your specific needs. 

We will only submit a proposal if we know we can deliver.

Check out our capability statement here!
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